Sunday 24 June 2018


Bekas Timbalan Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki dijangka diumumkan sebagai Ketua Pemuda UMNO yang baru bagi sessi 2018-2021.

Sehingga ini beliau mendahului  dengan mendapat 73 undi, manakala Khairul Azwan Harun atau Azwanbro mendapat 58 undi, Shahar Abdullah 56 undi dan Jamal Md Yunos 2 undi.

Pengumuman rasmi dijangka diumumkan pada jam 5.00 petang ini.

Kemenangan Asyraf dikira mengejutkan kerana beliau berjaya mengenepikan dua pencabar terdekatnya yang berasal daripada kepimpinan Pemuda UMNO sebelum ini.

Asyraf tidak pernah sama sekali berada dalam kepimpinan Pemuda UMNO berbanding dua pesaingnya, Azwanbro sebagai Naib Ketua Pemuda UMNO Malaysia sementara Shahar pula ialah Ketua Pemuda UMNO Pahang.

Asyraf sebelum ini adalah seorang Senator, Ahli MT UMNO dan Timbalan Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri.

Kemenangan beliau ini menunjukkan perwakilan Pemuda UMNO benar-benar berani berubah dengan mengenepikan dua pemimpin yang lahir daripada kilang Pemuda UMNO, Azwanbro dan Shahar serta memilih Asyraf yang tidak pernah terkait dengan sayap parti itu.

Apakah kemenangan Asyraf ini bakal memberi petanda buruk kepada Zahid Hamidi yang pada 30 Jun depan akan bertanding jawatan Presiden UMNO serta dicabar oleh Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah dan Khairy Jamaluddin?

Jika perwakilan Pemuda UMNO berani berubah dengan menolak Naib Ketua Pemuda UMNO dan Ketua Pemuda UMNO Pahang untuk menjadi Ketua Pemuda UMNO Malaysia, apakah perwakilan UMNO pada minggu depan turut sedia menunjukkan perubahan yang sama?

Beranikah mereka menolak Pemangku Presiden UMNO daripada menjadi Presiden UMNO sebagaimana Naib Ketua Pemuda UMNO dan Ketua Pemuda UMNO Negeri ditolak ke tepi, lantas memilih calon baru yang tidak pernah terkait dengan kepimpinan UMNO sebelum ini bagi memberi nafas segar kepada parti yang baru kehilangan kuasa itu?

Sediakah UMNO berubah atau masih mahu kekal dengan kepimpinan yang dibayangi wajah Najib Razak? (ShahbudinHusin 24/06/2018).


  1. Bioelah mika berebut jawatan dalam kapal yang hampir karam tu...kita lihat sahaja....

  2. Tn Shahbudin.
    Cerita pasal keburukan UMNO ni dak tak ada apa makna.
    Kita nak dengar cerita pasal kelebihan kerajaan baru PH.
    Bukan apa, rata2 dlm group WA orang dok condemn kerajaan baru ni.
    Buatlah artikel untuk membela kerajaan yg nampak agak kalut & lintang pukang ni.

    1. Yg kalut malut lintang pukang macam kukang skrg ni macai2 yg selama ini mengharap dedak. Kahkahkasiannnnnn....

    2. Nampaknya majoriti ahli2 pemuda umno dah nekad menolak kepimpinan asal pemuda yg berkompromi dgn najib razak selama ini.ini menunjukkan rasa sesal kepimpinan pemuda tidak menegur pentadbiran najib razak diperdulikan ahli2

    3. Tapi si asraf ni pon sama 2x5 la jgk dulu pun.cuma dia bukan dari kalangan pemuda...huhhh

      Ini mgkin kerana ahli nak perubahan memilih ketua pemuda dari luar kepimpinan asal

    4. Yg kalut sekarabg puak umno..

    5. yang kalut lintang pukang dah kalah broooooo......

    6. Yang mabukketum sekarang ni puak gst...gene songkok tinggi haaa

  3. Dah nampak orng umno mahu pemimpin yg tiada rekod buncitkan perut dan politik isi tembolok..umno pun mahu yg ada latarbelakang ugama...

  4. Zahid ada rekod kaki temberang dan buncitkan perut...

  5. 1MDB - Third Parties (Like Goldman Sachs) Remain With Cash And Questions To Answer
    23 June 2018 12

    The United States, Switzerland and Singapore have been at the forefront of seizures of illegal assets from 1MDB, which attracted the attention of the Malaysian people sufficiently for them to vote out their government and elect a new leadership that has made the retrieval of those assets a priority.

    Very well and good. The mechanism by which the governments of those countries return these assets to the people of Malaysia will hopefully be as expeditious as possible and will represent a huge step forward in global goodwill and cooperation, given the principles of decency behind those seizures and the man hours and foreign tax dollars that went in to capturing back all that cash.

    Malaysians have every reason to be truly grateful to the foreign investigators, who played their part in netting the 1MDB billions, particularly since the case was so ‘cutting edge’ that it would have been extremely easy to take no notice. Australia, for example, has played little proactive part in hunting misappropriations by Najib’s sick regime and nor so far has Britain.

    Indeed, it seems likely that 1MDB will go down as a test case in asset seizure, which will set principles for the future. Previously, it generally took the removal of a tyrant for asset tracing to swing in motion; Prince Jeffrey of Brunei and the Marcos family of the Philippines had first to be ejected and for the governments themselves to demand restitution.

    However, in the blatant case of 1MDB, these foreign law enforcers acted according to the principles of money laundering legislation in advance of any requests from the then government of Malaysia.

    That was big progress for ordinary people against power abusers and that progress needs to continue, world wide.

    What About Other Third Party Assets?
    It means that, goodwill prevailing, the United States will be in a position, together with Switzerland and Singapore, to send back without too much trouble a few billion ringgit to help the new Finance Minister sleep better through his awful experience of taking over Najib’s department.

    However, there is clearly far more money outstanding. What now has to be asked is to what extent massive global institutions – primarily the banks involved in this disgraceful heist – will find themselves ruled by the same concience as their country hosts?

    Goldman Sachs (GSI), for example, took $600 million dollars in commission for three bond issues totalling $6,5 billion for 1MDB, that any twenty year old could have spotted as suspicious. Of course GSI is populated only with the most enormously clever people (which is why they expect to be exponentially rewarded) which leaves one wondering why this top banker in the world failed along with others to spot the flaws in deals that netted so much cash?

    It can hardly be a coincidence that it was recently reported that Malaysia has issued an arrest warrant for the GSI link man and Malaysian national Roger Ng, who acted as the key contact point for the new South East Asia boss, Tim Leissner (featured above with celebrity wife Kimora Lee Simmons) but then resigned from the bank after questions started over the vast 1MDB commissions.

    Nor can it be a coincidence that Goldman sacked Leissner once Sarawak Report and others had thrown light upon the matter, owimg to an alleged unauthorised reference for Jho Low.

    So, where does this go next? Because, very large bonuses indeed permeatted the higher echelons of this bank following the influx of the $600 million from these questionable bond deals.

  6. Asalkan depa jangan pilih Kerry Okspod puak double ee jadi Presiden Umno.

    Dia orang l i b e r a l, maukan Umno di buka kpd bukan Melayu. Aku takut nanti dia ketepikan Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu dsb nya.

  7. Azmin sifatkan tuduhan miliki RM300 juta 'politik kotor'

    Kow Gah Chie
    24 Jun 2018, 12:48 tengahari (Dikemaskini 24 Jun 2018, 1:11 tengahari)

    A A
    Menteri Hal Ehwal Ekonomi Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali menolak tuduhan bahawa beliau mempunyai lebih RM300 juta yang disembunyikan di luar negara.

    Bercakap kepada media pada majlis rumah terbuka Aidilfitri hari ini, bekas menteri besar Selangor itu menyifatkan tuduhan itu sebagai 'politik kotor'.

    Azmin berkata sekiranya dirinya seorang yang kaya raya, beliau tidak perlu lagi menjadi seorang ahli politik.

    "Saya tak nak layan politik kotor.

    "Kalau saya ada lebih RM300 juta, saya tidak ada lagi dalam Keadilan (PKR), betul?" katanya.

    Tuduhan begini dah tak laku lagi..

    1. Minali sepatutnya buat macam DSAI.. DSAI pernah minta orang yang tuduh dia tunjukkan duit tu kat mana. DSAI nak guna duit tu buat belanja...terpinga2 mp yang menuduh tu.Kesipuan lagi.Nasib dalam dewan... kalau kat luar tentu kena saman... Kalau teman tak payag 300 juta pun. Ada 30 juta pun dah tak nak terlibat dah dengan politik.. Baik teman enjoy aje... hahaha se juta setahun... 30 tahun wow....

  8. The Jamal Jamban bloke has gone mad -

    Fugitive Jamal Md Yunos posted a video thanking his supporters from the Sungai Besar Umno youth delegation for giving him the highest number of votes in the race to become Umno Youth chief.


  9. UMNO is still a formidable force. UMNO, to be accepted by rakyat must simply elect a new MT. Let's the MPs doing their jobs. The MTs, new ideas, new faces n new methods.

    1. Sape yg ade dlm umno yg berkaliber?..lembik dahagakan kekayaan..

  10. Letak la siapa pun dlm Umno. Semua sekor2 tak ada guna. Lagi bagus kalau letak Anjing Umno iaitu tak lain tak bukan..jeng3

    GENG NAJIB...1st class Umno Dog.. can barking non stop


  11. Biasanya kalau namanya baru tentulah baik dan bagus...macam penyapu baru. Malangnya rumah yang baru diduduki tu dah 60 tahun orang duduk... kalau duduk dengan baik tak apalah tetapi yang duduk ni macam bapak mawas.. semuanya habis dicat...disembur najis dan macam2 kekurangan termasuk bocor dan lantai dah reput. Jadi penghuni baru tak dapat tidur pun lagi. Baru nk bersihkan rumah tu. Sebagai pengundi dan penyokong PH..teman bersabar aje. Teman harap mike yang lain pun bersabar. Tunggulah sampai 80% beres... baru kita boleh menilai....prestasi PH..


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